Wing Tsun


Ng-MuiWing Tsun is an ancient Chinese Kung Fu System. It was created about 300 years ago by a chinese nun. She wanted to create a secret martial art that was superior to other, better known martial arts. It also needed to provide the ability to protect against other martial artists, no matter which style they practiced.


Wing Tsun / Chun Today

photo1-smToday, Wing Tsun is practiced all around the world under various names and different spellings. It is preferred by professional men and women because the benefits can be even more appreciated in today’s modern and hectic society. The heart of Wing Tsun beats in Europe. The European Wing Tsun Organization (EWTO) is the largest of its kind with many tens of thousands of members. For over three decades, the EWTO has produced some of the best Wing Tsun fighters and teachers and some of the largest martial arts schools in the world. The European Headquarters is located in a castle in Germany and its huge parks are used to train, learn, network and make new friends.


Different Spellings

Due to its extreme
seminarpopularity worldwide, different people use different spellings to show respect to their teachers and lineage. The most popular lineage with well over a million students and masters is in Europe. Their way of spelling is WING TSUN. The most common spelling in the US is WING CHUN. Although both represent the same origin, there can be tremendous differences in training and practical applications. Most advanced Wing Tsun teachers in Chicago and the Midwest received their training from us.

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