Sifu Ingo Weigel

Sifu Ingo Weigel

Sifu IngoProfessional trainer and coach Ingo Weigel is an entrepreneur, author, martial arts master in Wing Chun (aka Wing Tsun) and self-defense expert with over 20 years of professional experience. Born in Russia and growing up in former East Germany, Weigel always had an interest in the philosophies and principles of martial arts. As a teenager, Weigel was a gifted athlete and enjoyed a variety of different sports that catapulted him to local stardom. In his later teenage years, he started to focus on his martial arts training. Here is where he met a colleague who became a close friend and mentor.

Weigel, a former law enforcement agent has spent over a decade of studying and learning from the best and most influential Wing Tsun Masters of our time. His primary focus has always been the practicality of the training for mind and body as well as real life applications on the physical, intellectual and the spiritual levels. It was his commitment to practical applicability of martial arts training that has taken him from Wing Chun to Revat.

After becoming one of the youngest masters, Sifu Weigel left Europe in 2000 and moved to the US where he opened the first Wing Tsun Academy in Ingo Wooden DummyChicago, IL. The training and philosophies taught quickly turned the school into the leading Wing Tsun School in the Midwest. Many of the advanced Wing Tsun/Chun instructors in the Midwest have gone through his program and adapted the curriculum. Sifu Weigel also has been teaching seminars and workshops throughout the US, Europe, Canada and Brazil.

He has been featured in various Media outlets and helped many of his students to develop a love and eagerness to discover martial arts and benefit from the philosophies in their daily lives. After a very successful decade in Chicago, Sifu Weigel left the Midwest behind to tackle new challenges and goals in sunny California.

For almost two decades, Sifu Ingo Weigel has been teaching experts and leaders in the military, various law enforcement agencies, VP’s and SVP’s from corporate entities, fighters and other martial arts practitioners. Sifu Ingo Weigel is one of the most senior Wing Tsun / Wing Chun and Revat Masters in America. Weigel is fluent in English and German. He is also a certified Reiki Master.

“Martial arts provide us with a unique method

to find inner peace and strength… make it work for you!”


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