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Self-Defense For Modern TimesThe best and most effective method to learn Wing Chun is having a private mentor, coach and trainer. The coach will help you find the right path and guide you on your journey making sure you travel the fastest and most efficient path. In the end, having a private coach and mentor will save you money and time.


Training is offered on a private and semi-private basis. You also can get started by using our video tutorials. These teach you the basic hand techniques, stances, footwork, punches and kicks and also some of the most effective applications. You can increase your workout by practicing the drills and applications either in your home or with friends.

Call or email us today:  Currently No New Students Are Accepted.

Video Tutorials: Now you can learn effective and “real life tested” self-defense in the privacy of your home. Find lessons from the beginner program here.



Instructions: Training is offered on a private basis.

Location: Private Gym in Beverly Hills or West Hollywood, CA





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